Little girl discovers her true identity.

To Be Enormously Gorgeous

Little girl discovers her true identity.

Carla O’Brien is an author and speaker who unapologetically runs to grab the middle swing on the playground. She professes laughter is her love language and a good joke is her BFF. She lives in sunny SW Florida with her football coaching husband and a black Labrador Retriever who prefers bacon.

Carla O'Brien

Raised in small town NE Iowa, Carla learned early on in life to appreciate a well-written story. Her friends, Nancy Drew, Pippi Longstocking and Ramona stepped out of the pages and into her adventures as she peddled her blue Schwinn bike around the neighborhood creating stories of her own. Today she lives in sunny SW Florida where she peddles a pink Schwinn bike (with a basket) while continuing to create stories for children of all ages.

Carla’s passions

  • The gift of laughter
  • A good cup of espresso with a friend
  • The middle swing on the playground
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • A competitive game of any kind
  • Singing loudly in the car
  • A glorious sunset in silence